Hard Mode Feng the Accursed Down!
Oct 19, 2012 - 3:24 AM - by Apple
Sometimes you don't kill bosses the day after you lose one of your two healers, without the raid haste buff and without heroism... But sometimes you do.

One player died during the taking of this screenshot.
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 Hard Mode Stone Guards Down!
Oct 17, 2012 - 2:00 AM - by Apple
Mists raiding has finally begun, good work everyone. Thanks to our guest raider Exkath who is working hard to continue to the tradition of an empty normal mode bar sandwiched between LFR and Heroic kills.

Also we are currently looking for an Hpally or a Mistweaver Monk for a full time raid spot to continue working through Mists. Please be aware that moving forward we will no longer be accepting applications from unemployed socially awkward failed musicians, fool us once!
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 Misery Inc BBQ
Jul 31, 2012 - 8:16 PM - by Apple
So... We had a nice summer BBQ, those in the guild that live here locally came out and we ate, drank, and made lo.. Uh we played cards. I am going to post some pictures here randomly so you can see how much fun we had but just to sum up there was food, beer, an EXTREMELY fun card game called Cards Against Humanity, and there was also a Crossbow. So we shot things like Laptops with the crossbow, and then blew the shit out of it.
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 Misery Inc turns two years old!
May 06, 2012 - 4:40 PM - by Apple
This Sunday Misery Inc celebrated its two year anniversary, there were fun and games, prizes, punch and pie...

The festivities started at 2PM, where we won the STV fishing tourney for Catchar, where we had roughly 20 people on both Horde and Alliance securing our win. Some No Breaks kids thought it would be cleaver to stand right on the NPC until they got Typhooned right the fuck off.

After the fishing tourney we went to church for all the sins we commit, and handed out some prizes. Below you can see our nice orderly line for free swag. Then things got a little weird... Obviously we were asked to leave, so we decided to go visit the Darkmoon Faire, where we made ourselves at home and looted the chest. Once the chest was gone we decided to just stay there and hand out the rest of our cool shit.

All in all it was quite fun, I was very happy with the turnout as pretty much everyone in the guild was present. Thanks for those that helped us gather goodies to give away, and thanks to those people that purchased runs from us. Your sweet sweet gold make things like this possible!
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 Give us your money!
Mar 20, 2012 - 5:23 AM - by Plushie

Your e-life got you down? Can’t shake the tedium of the daily grind? Don’t worry; I have the solution for you! (And no /wrist is not the answer!) Now brought to you by Misery Inc. –things, awesome things!

For a small fee, you can buy the temporary friendship of our raiding staff. We will escort you into the most perilous of adventures and not once utter a complaint because, after all, you are paying us.

So what do you have in mind? Have an old dungeon you want to finish up achievements in? Perhaps there is a title not quite within your grasp? A new mount to match those newly transmogrified shoes you’ve been dying to wear? Whatever it is, we can help! *

*ERP is not currently a service Misery Inc. provides despite the rumors printed in the latest edition of Azeroth Times, “Iluc Savior of Azeroth Outhouse Scandal!”

For more information, please send an in-game message or mail to Applemask, Plushie, Iluc, or Tekurn as we have nothing else to do with our time now but answer any questions or requests you might have! Thanks very much for your time Executus! <3

Disclaimer: Small fee may not accurately describe actual costs. ERP may also be an actual service Iluc provices, but these rumors have neither been confirmed nor denied as of yet.
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